VHC Sculpture


three: Experience, Individualism, Growth

Students of Marymount’s ceramics program designed and executed a large sculpture, which is displayed on the grounds of Marymount University.  This sculpture’s form is an abstraction resulted from our collective prohibited experiences in exploring disciplines in the humanities. The confluence of our experience, and the growth of each individual in pursuing fine arts shaped the idea for the sculpture.  Each of our experiences differed from one another and knowing this made us believe that Humanities is in fact still growing. Our diverse backgrounds made us stronger and more effective therefore guiding us into the fine arts despite the  lack of support. Our sculpture as a whole allows the audience to understand the importance of the Humanities through the yearning of creativity and individualism.

The Gang

This sculpture was a special project dedicated for the installation and presentation at the Virginia Humanities Conference 2015 held at Marymount University.  It was installed on April 10th, and is nestled in a beautiful little courtyard between the Halls of Gerard and Ostapenko.  The purpose of the project was centered around the following thesis:

“Our sculpture investigates the contradiction between America’s societal ideals for creativity and innovation while undermining the position of maintaining access to the study of creative disciplines in the Humanities. Due to the economic reward stigmas associated with some disciplines in the Humanities, students are influenced to study more market demanded disciplines subduing to pressure from family and economical returns on educational investment. “

Construction Images

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