Ceramics Minor

About the Program



The Marymount Ceramics Program offers a variety of undergraduate courses in ceramics, and offers the only undergraduate degree for ceramics in the region.  While earning a Minor in Ceramics, students are open to study other majors to complement their professional development, including Fine Arts and Education Licensure, Interior Design, Business and Marketing, or any of the other distinguished majors at Marymount University.


There are also amazing internship opportunities for students to take advantage of through the many partnerships associated with the Ceramics Program that include local ceramics manufacturing, local clay centers, and professional artist studios.  The Department of Fine Arts also persistently invites artists for workshops, lectures, and presentations to help supplement the professional development of students.  These events offer direct contact with the types of professionals that Marymount students strive to become.



The Ceramics Minor consists of 21 credits, where students must complete 5 different ceramic courses and at least 2 other Fine Arts courses associated with the minor.  Ceramic courses required for the minor are:

  • FA 107: Hand Built Ceramics
  • FA 215: Wheel Thrown Ceramics
  • FA 222: Mold Making and Slip Casting
  • FA 225: Clay and Glaze Formulation
  • FA 396: Advanced Ceramics and 3D Studio


  • 6 additional credits from Fine Arts curriculum including:
    • FA 103 Two-Dimensional Design
    • FA 105 Drawing I
    • FA 205 Drawing II
    • FA 209 Figure Drawing
    • FA 210 Three-Dimensional Design
    • FA 421 Project
    • FA 422 Senior Project


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