Living in a Material World
“Accomplished But Not Really” (excerpt)
Joyce Leibowitz

“The Language of Fashion”
Gabrielle Smith

“Celebrity Endorsement: When It’s Worth the Effort”
Walter Bottlick

“Belinda’s Weapons of Femininity in Pope’s The Rape of the Lock
Sarika Rao

“Summertime and Livin’ Ain’t Easy”
Korey Johnson

Ties that Bind
“Smoke” (excerpt)
Margaret Sava

“Carly’s Story”
Victoria Miller

“Battle with Anorexia”
Urvi Patel

“Women’s Struggle for Independence in The Unknown
Emily Greenspan

The Flux of Identity
“Henryton” (excerpt)
Kristina Romero

“Commerce and Gender in Fantomina
Ana Navascues

“Analysis of Perry’s Theories of Personal Identity”
Neusa Facenda

“The Crooked Cane”
Brant Maggard

Taking Another Look
“Repeat” (excerpt)
Federica Pagani

“The Jean Jacket”
Elizabeth Carey

“The Suffering of the Trinity: The Importance of the Cross Event in Christianity”
Sara Loperana

“Family in War”
Spencer Ball

“What, Why and Getting Better”
Margaret Sava

“What is Philosophy?” (excerpt)
Sara Nourian