Photographic Memory
“Yellow” (excerpt)
Bobbie Crocker

Molly Benson

“Remember Me”
Kenneh Koroma

“Jefferson Street”
Leanne Hundley

Young Thoughts
“Covey” (excerpt)
Sarah Charlick

“Cast Iron Gold”
Heather Leahey

“Driving Home”
Kirsten Porter

“Uncontrollable Simplicity”
Ashley Carney

Chemistry of an Encounter
“The Real World” (excerpt)
Katie Fernandez

“On the Surface”
Lisa Reintsma

“Dying Apples”
Henna Zaidi

“Broadening my Literary Horizons”
Amanda Wiest

Redefining Reason
“Critical Evaluation of Sober’s Simplicity” (excerpt)
Andrew Lewis

“‘Anywhere Out of the World’: The Exiles of ‘Blackwell’s Island'”
Ana Navascues

“In The Name of Love? The Peace Corps in American 1960s Culture”
Maria Madden

“Land and Freedom”
Adam Holoubek

“Bluebird’s Mysterious Egg: Shifting Perspectives, Interpretation, Meaning and Margaret Atwood”
Sarika Rao