Writing from Memory
“A Never Ending Moment” (excerpt)
Banan Yaquby

“Faded and Bronzed”

“Shut Up and Drive”
Kathleen Hernandez

“Shiny Soldier”
Emma Gonzales

Writing from D.C.
“Spaghetti” (excerpt)
Joseph Cook

Alessandra Cuccia

“Before There Was Harlem There Was U Street”
Christine Sykes

Writing From Literature
“Sadness Sells” (excerpt)
Amanda Sodhi

“Poems! are o.n.e. of the / unique+ ways for an au? / thor to express him / self.”
Jo Ann McLaughlin

“Richard III: An Aristotelian Tragic Hero”
Amanda Sodhi

“A God Overwhelmed”
Tiffany Volonakis

“Elderly Neglect in Absurdist Drama: The Use of Metaphor to Invoke Social Reform”
Kirsten Porter

Post Script
Light at the End of the Road” (excerpt)
Dalia Kassem