Early Childhood

“Literacy Development In Preschoolers With Educational Apps”

Noemi Cerritos Gatto

“The Effect of Food Insecurity and Malnutrition on Children’s Health during the Critical Period of Development”

Isabella Ochalik

Media and Culture

Five Feet Apart: The impact of disease and a hospital setting on adolescents’ development”

Stefanie Socher

“Gender Blurring Within the Fashion Industry Across Two Media Forms”

Alejandra Galdo Hernandez

“How does “Chef’s Table” on Netflix Represent the Female Chef in the Hegemonic Male Chef’s World?”

Magdalena Trabinska


“How to Improve Safe Medication Practices and Prevent Medication Errors”

Tawonga Mtawali

“Cochlear Implants- Fixing What’s Not Broken?”

B. Antonia Rikk

“Do Not Resuscitate orders in form of tattoos – A joke or an important message, that medical teams should ethically act on?”

Stefanie Socher

“Honest Care Through Trust”

Tawonga Mtawali

History and Society

“Citizen Complicity in Nazi Germany”

Sharlélie Marquis

High School Contest Winners

“The Best”

Sophia Abner

“My Losses Led Me Home”

Jayra Rocha


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