Thinking Politically

“Nanyehi’s Experience of the American Revolution”

Lillie Burke

“Reception of News on Twitter”

Catherine Kenol

“The Rise of the Front National in France”

Waïl Saher

Thinking Ethically

“The Future of Animal-Free Meat”

Kaylee Tyner

“Dido, a Threat to the Patriarchal System”

Mirna Galdamez Guevara

“Algorithmic Bias and Its Problem, Solution, and Implications”

Heera Kaur Dhaliwal

Thinking Narratively

“You Got to Know When to Scare Them: A Brief Study on the Usage of Horror Elements in YA and Children’s Literature”

Christos Antonaros

“Shakespeare in Modern Media”

Grace Tammaro

“Guilty, Never Proven”

Kaylee Tyner

“On Airports and Guilt”

Allison Beresford


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