Kadie Aaron is Nursing major. After she graduates in 2018 she hopes to work in the hospital setting. Kadie also enjoys reading, exploring DC, and history.

Natasha Anderson is an English Literature major with a minor in History. She is in her junior year at Marymount and a member of the English Honor Society Sigma Tau Delta. She previously completed two years of bilingual study at the University of Stuttgart in Germany. After graduation, she hopes to become a Secondary Education teacher. In the meantime, she enjoys writing both poetry and novels, plays the piano, and visits art museums.

Nick Bensmiller is a Psychology major with a minor in Gender & Society, and a minor in Philosophy. After graduating this May, he will be attending graduate school to obtain a Master’s degree in Psychological Counseling. His primary research interests are gender, multiculturalism and transnationalism, stigmatization, and marginalization within both Literature and a broader context.

Angelica Brewer is a senior English major with a passion for writing. She is looking forward to graduating in May of 2016.

Samantha Cooper is a Biology major with a focus on Cellular and Molecular biology. After graduating in 2016 she hopes to continue her work in the Animal Science field, and continue expanding her knowledge within the Veterinary community. Her main areas of interest include caring for animals, hiking with her dogs, playing tennis, and spending time with family.

Benedikte Hatlehol is a Fashion Design major with a focus on women’s wear. After graduating this spring, her goal is to work for a company that focuses on sustainable fashion and fair trade. Benedikte is an international student, and she hopes to be able to launch her own label in Norway one day.

Oluremi Akin-Olugbade is an Economics major with a focus on developmental economics and a minor in International Studies. After graduating this year, she hopes to work with organizations that encourage economic growth and empower women and children in developing countries. Her main areas of interest include God, music, photography, British history and gender studies.

Ashley Tucker is an English major graduating in 2016. Her post graduate plans are to participate in a clinical psychology graduate program with the desire of pursuing a career in pediatric psychology. Her main areas of interest include child advocacy, mental health, feature writing, and remaining in tune with popular culture.

Walker Valdez is an English and Performance Media Major, who firmly believes that the creative arts and education go hand in hand. He is graduating in the summer and hopes to teach English in the near future and continue to pursue his passion for writing and performing as well. His academic and creative interests include music, poetry, race, identity, and social class theory. Walker is also a big fan of Spike Lee’s work and was thrilled to write a film theory analysis on one of his favorite films.

Leticia Zelaya is a first generation English major undergraduate from Marymount University. As a daughter of immigrants and a second-born American in her family, she grew up with a passion for discovering cultures and traditions encompassed in the arts, whether it be through literature, food or fashion. She began her college academic career at Northern Virginia Community College where she discovered her academically inclined passion: the arts through the power of word. The milestone completion of her Associates Degree in Liberal Arts encouraged her to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree with a concentration in English at Marymount University. During her academic career she has participated in a global classroom series, and has also been recognized for exceptional merit by award of academic achievements. After graduating this year, she hopes to continue to ignite her creativity in blog writing and expand her career in human resource management. Aside from reading and writing, Leticia spends her free time imagining being the next cake boss, baking custom cakes for family and friends. She also enjoys participating in group exercises, road trips, and constructing all sorts of “Do-It-Yourself” projects.

2016 Board of Student Editors    Table of Contents