Before you even walk into Safeway, the store knows you are there. When you step in front of the clear doors that separate you from the inside of Safeway, they automatically open. Stepping through these doors you may feel welcome, but there is an underlying thought of “how did they know I was here?”

They set up the store and package their items to remind you of your history. The bakery is set up to make you feel like you are taking a walk down memory lane, going to the bakery to get freshly baked bread. This is not the only instance in which Safeway plays with your memories; they also have special aisles for ethnic foods and organic foods. If you want to make a dish your grandmother from Spain made, this aisle is where you would find some general ingredients. They design the store in a way that makes you think you are purchasing items that your parents might have bought when you were a child.

—Amanda Pusey, From “Supermarkets That Speak”

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