Today she is dressed professionally, wearing a black skirt, a light blue cardigan, and silver ballet flats.  Kelly is meeting me straight from work where she is, as she describes, a “seamstress extraordinaire who bedazzles headpieces and bras” at the high-end lingerie store Trousseau.  We sit down at the table at Greenberry’s with our iced mochas.  There is music playing through the speakers in the background and just one other customer reading a paper by the window while the employees talk amongst themselves.  I begin our interview by asking Kelly what she liked about Marymount.
As a fashion design major, Kelly said that she liked learning about the field from scratch.  She didn’t know how to sew when she first arrived at Marymount and she liked that the curriculum allowed her to be creative.  She also liked Marymount’s camaraderie and its proximity to D.C.
What does Kelly miss the most about Marymount? “I miss sitting in the bathroom looking out at the National Cathedral when I lived in St. Joe’s,” said Kelly, taking a sip of her iced mocha.  We then discussed what life was like out in the real world.

—Katie Fernandez, “The Real World”

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