Culture and Policy

“Development Changes in Detroit”

Mariah Allen

“Domestic Terrorism in the United States”

Stephanie Downing

“Health Policy Reform: The Impact of Poverty on Obesity & Children’s Health in the US” 

Richard Medina

“The Miscarriage of Aloha – A Case against the Kealohas” 

Stephanie Downing

“Negative Campaign Advertising and Voter Turnout in the 2016 US Presidential Election”

Sabren Wahden

Culture and Self

An Exploration of the Headscarf through an Eastern and Western Lens”

Aya Al-Alami

“How Context and Attitude Toward Assimilation of Immigrants Affect Their Success”

Samuel Cashin

“Positive Effects of Playing Video Games”

Krist Adofo

Nature and Self

“Feeling in Haiku”

Sabrina Koumoin

“Sunday 9th of September”

Christos Antonaros

“Biology of Consciousness”

Barbara Walas

Romance ?

“Is Fanfiction Better Than Published Romance Novels?”

Gina Fendley

“America’s Obsession with Dead Girl Stories”

Julia Torrico

True Love

Naiya Dalce


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