Language and Expression

“Research Papers Scare Me Too”
Rebecca Lake

Gonna: Drill Sergeant’s Progressive Helper”
Diana Lizotte

“Mohsin Hamid’s The Reluctant Fundamentalist Post 9/11 from the Standpoint of the Easterner”
Johnny Vacarro

“Innocence Until Acceptance”
Rebecca Lake

The Immortality of Myth

“A Revised Happy Ending”
Callahan Pels

“God’s Presence and Influence in Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman
Julia Torrico

“The Immortality of Heroes”
Theresa Buscemi

“Immortality of an Author: Sylvia Plath Lives On”
Diana Lizotte

Gender and Anxiety

“Rest in Peace”
John Renkiewicz

“Tactical Submission in Lean in for Graduates
Micaela Healy

Stories Told in Media

“Implications in Defining Terrorism”
Stephanie Downing

“Massachusetts’ School Librarian Rejects First Lady Donation of Dr. Seuss’ Books due to ‘Racist Propaganda'”
Alexandra Holmes

“Snapchat and ‘Suits’ Under the Critical Process”
Sarah Madanat


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