“What Happens When You Miss a Stage in Life”
Khailynn Baker

“Issue Analysis of Chicana Feminist Writers”
Stacy Sekercan

“Comparison of the Search for Identity”
April Westmark

“Men Take the Beauty World by Storm”
Sydni Chapman


“Can We Trust The Shepherd? – An analysis of Christopher Marlowe’s Poem ‘The Passionate Shepherd to His Love’”
Johnny Vaccaro

“Mores on the Moors: Social Class and Power in Wuthering Heights
Morgan Herbener

“Utanapishtim’s Impact on the Certainty of Time’s Passing”
Samantha Stallings

“Mama’s Christian Love in A Raisin in the Sun
Diana Lizotte

Media and Society

“The Art of Telling Amazing Tales”
Khailynn Baker

“The Invasion of Ads”
Emily Quijano

“Covering a Modern Election”
Rebecca Lake

“Economic and Stock Market Analysis and Forecast”
John Zeray

“The Great and Powerful Ogg”
Diana Lizotte

“The Collapse of the Video Rental Industry”
Emily Quijano

“My Apartment of Memories”
Hussah Almalik


2017 Contributing Authors

2017 Board of Student Editors