Social Constructions of Identity
“Sensibility in Frankenstein: A Case for Humanity”
Nicholas Bensmiller

“Considering the Autobiographical ‘I’: Between Self-Narration and Fiction”
Ashley Tucker

Do the Right Thing Analysis”
Walker Valdez

Samantha Cooper

Gender in Society
“The Fashion Industry and Gender Inequality”
Oluremi Akin-Olugbade

“The Gendered Social Norms in Clarissa
Kadie Aaron

“Fashionable Dressing and Fashionable Giving”
Benedikte Hatlehol

The Power of Language
Natasha Anderson

“The Power of Voodoo”
Angelica Brewer

“Ethical Translation and Intertextuality in Foe and Robinson Crusoe
Leticia Zelaya

2016 Contributing Authors

2016 Board of Student Editors