Setting: People Shaped by Place
from “The Best Inhabitant of the City” (excerpt)
Adrianne Morris

“Dirty Richmond”
Kerry O’Donnell

“‘State of Mind’: Republicanism and Romanization in Joseph Addison’s Cato
Melany Su

“Religious and National Identity in Moshin Hamid’s The Reluctant Fundamentalist
Kathryn Fossaceca

Character Development: Inner Conflict
from “Imagery and Gaze in Ovid’s Metamorphoses” (excerpt)
Alicia Romero

“Dressed in Drunk Hope: Alcoholism in Shakespeare’s Macbeth
Brooke Nguyen

“I Can’t Be Perfect”
Bobbie Crocker

“Science Fiction and Metaphysics: Psychological Discontinuity in Daryl Gregory’s ‘Second Person, Present Tense’”
Emma Wallace

Supporting Cast: All in the Family
from “Family Baggage in African-American Theater”(excerpt)
Jaymi Thomas

“Monday Night Raw”
Courtney Deal

“The Marginal Way”
Katlyn Manka

“Literary Father Figures: Male Guardians in Ann Radcliffe, Elizabeth Inchbald, and Nora Roberts”
Adrianne Morris

Readers React: Spectacle, Suspense, and Selfhood
Harry Potter: More Than Just Fantasy”
Stephanie Barros

“The Fireworks of Doctor Faustus: Theatrical Magic and Religious Tension in Christopher Marlowe”
Jessica Butturff

“‘Craving to be Frightened’: Secret Rooms and the Creation of Mystery and Terror in Gothic Novels”
Shelly Coates

“The Dark Knight: Defining the Black Romantic Hero in Jill Gregory’s Castle Doom
Eric Jefferson