Krist Adofo is a first-year student in Information Technology.

Aya Al-Alami is a Psychology major with a focus in Gender and Society. Her identity as a Palestinian, Arab, Muslim woman guides her potential career options and passions, which include counseling, teaching, and research on examining gender differences and their effects on humanity. Her interests include travel, Muay Thai, and art, where self-discovery and human connection are implemented through each. Aya enjoys trying new foods, spending time with her family and loved ones, and playing with her furry niece and nephews.

Mariah Allen is a Junior Sociology and Economics major. After graduating in 2020 Mariah plans on joining the Peace Corps. During her time at Marymount, Mariah went on three different study abroad programs to Costa Rica, Cuba, and Peru. Mariah spends her spare time being a student leader in the OCRS and student affairs office. Her interests include language, art, movies, nonfiction and fiction books, and learning about different cultures and religions.

Lujain Alsulaimani is an English major with a focus in Creative Writing. She is an experienced writer/editor with a background in both long form and short form fiction. She is a podcaster on the EnglishSamwich Podcast, a Saudi podcast with an English version that discusses various books and current social issues in the world. She is also the director of the Human Resources Department in Saudis in USA organization. Her interests include reading books, writing short stories, watching classic and old movies, and being around her lively, exuberant family.

Christos Antonaros is an English major with a focus in Secondary Education. He is a published author in his homeland, Greece. He writes mostly Fantasy and Horror fiction, but on special occasions, he will write non-fiction as well. After graduating in 2020, he has aspirations to begin teaching English at a high school. His interests include going on adventures with his wife, Jan, and their son, Jacob, reading, writing, cooking, and binge-watching tv shows.

Samuel Cashin is a Liberal Studies major with concentrations in Chemistry and Information Technology. Upon graduating, Samuel hopes to pursue a Master’s degree in Cybersecurity in order to pursue his goal of working in the cybersecurity field. His interests include running, listening to NPR, swimming and relaxing with his somewhat loud but loving family. 

Amanda Cordon-Campa is a first-year English major and a new Magnificat editor.

Naiya Dalce is an English Major in the class of 2020. She has an outgoing personality and loves talking to people. When she graduates, she plans on attending law school to become a criminal defense attorney. In her free time, she loves to dance, read, write, and workout. She is also the manager for the men’s basketball team at Marymount. 

Stephanie Downing is a senior from Ewa Beach, Hawaii. She is pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Forensic Science and Criminal Investigations. On campus, Stephanie is an RA, Student Ambassador, and tutor at the CTL. In her spare time, Stephanie enjoys hiking, stand-up paddling, photography, and is a major travel enthusiast. Following her graduation in the spring, Stephanie will begin a federal career in the law enforcement community.

Gina Fendley is an Economics and Philosophy double major. When not in class, she can be found doing Sudoku and crossword puzzles or reading Harry Potter for the millionth time. Her favorite food is Jell-O. Gina’s favorite city in the world is Washington, D.C., where she hopes to live and work after graduation.

Sabrina Koumoin is a sophomore majoring in Information Technology.

Catherine Maresca is a Politics major and an Honors student.

Richard Medina is a Biochemistry major with a minor in Public Health. He plans to continue his studies in medicine, health policy, and health administration. Other than studying and writing, he enjoys hiking, photography, watching movies and hanging with friends.

Julia Torrico is a dual major in Information Technology and English with a minor in Philosophy. After graduating in the summer of 2019, she hopes to work in the Library of Congress in the Preservation Directorate division to obtain training in digital preservation. Her interests include reading various books, ranging from fiction to non-fiction, playing video games, and spending time with family and friends. 

Madeline Vazquez-Pena is a politics major with a minor in writing. After graduating, she would like to attend law school and become an immigration lawyer. Her intention is to take a gap year, travel, and then start law school. Her interests include rock music, creative writing, and going on adventures with her younger sister when she’s not working or studying. 

Sabren Wahdan is a Politics major with a minor in Philosophy and a minor in Communications. Since she was younger, she knew law school was indeed her calling. Having witnessed and contributed to the inner workings of a law office, having put her own earnest effort into clients’ success, the practice of law carries a deep personal significance. Her experiences with the law have instilled within her a passion for the law and a healthy respect for its pervasive influence on the people it governs. Sabren plans on attending law school this Fall. Her goal in life is to be an attorney who uses basic human values as the bedrock of her life, work, and aid to others.

Barbara Walas is a Psychology major and Biology minor honors program student. She is an international student from Poland. During her undergraduate program she focuses her research on pediatric psychiatry as well as on ethics of neuroscience research without the use of animals. Her interests and hobbies include vegan lifestyle, classic literature, and paintings. On weekends, she volunteers at Inova hospital or revisits DC museums. After graduation she aspires to provide treatment to mentally ill children and teach at a university.