Amanda Cordon-Campa is a first-year English major and a new Magnificat editor.

Catherine Maresca is a Politics major and an Honors student.

Madeline Vazquez-Pena is a politics major with a minor in writing. After graduating, she would like to attend law school and become an immigration lawyer. Her intention is to take a gap year, travel, and then start law school. Her interests include rock music, creative writing, and going on adventures with her younger sister when she’s not working or studying.

Lujain Alsulaimani is an English major with a focus in Creative Writing. She is an experienced writer/editor with a background in both long form and short form fiction. She is a podcaster on the EnglishSamwich Podcast, a Saudi podcast with an English version that discusses various books and current social issues in the world. She is also the director of the Human Resources Department in Saudis in USA organization. Her interests include reading books, writing short stories, watching classic and old movies, and being around her lively, exuberant family.

Julia Torrico is a dual major in Information Technology and English with a minor in Philosophy. After graduating in the summer of 2019, she hopes to work in the Library of Congress in the Preservation Directorate division to obtain training in digital preservation. Her interests include reading various books, ranging from fiction to non-fiction, playing video games, and spending time with family and friends.