Hussah Almalik is an English major.

Khailynn Baker is a Graphic Design major with a minor in Writing.

Sydni Chapman is a Fashion Merchandising major.

Morgan Herbener is a Fashion Design major and will graduate in 2018.

Rebecca (Becky) Lake is a freshman majoring in Graphic Design, minoring in history. Becky has a passion for design and history, and hopes to combine both in her future career. For hobbies, Becky loves creating art in Photoshop, writing short fiction and poems, and watching Netflix.

Diana (Betsy) Lizotte is a Writing Major who hopes to be able to show and not tell, someday. Although she has been published in the Marymount Banner and the Army’s Logistics Magazine, she would like to broaden her repertoire to include novels and literary pieces that somehow help to liberate the oppressed. A retired military officer, she now enjoys studying, nature walks, and hanging out with her one husband, two kids and three miniature dachshunds, often at the same time.

Emily Quijano is a Psychology major and Spanish minor.

Stacy Sekercan is majoring in Sociology and will be graduating in the Fall of 2017. She plans to continue her education by directly going to graduate school to study Social Work. Her focus will be on underprivileged children and/or women and children affected by domestic violence. Among other things, Stacy enjoys volunteering and/or working with children, reading nonfiction, running long distance, and basking in the sunshine at the beach.

Samantha Stallings is an English major with a focus in Secondary Education. After graduating in 2018, she has aspirations to begin teaching at her former high school, Robinson Secondary. Her interests include going on adventures with her younger sister, Kayleigh, reading, participating in compelling discussions with her significant other, Matthew, relaxing, watching old movies, and being around her lively, exuberant family.

Johnny Vaccaro is an English major and philosophy minor.

April Westmark is a Politics major and International Studies minor.

John Zeray is a mid-career student with an Economics undergraduate and Business Administration graduate academic background. John’s taking Finance and other courses to broaden his knowledge and update his skills. He lauds Marymount’s students, faculty and staff for their notable kindness and consideration. He has a special interest in the cultural and historical context of Early Christianity.


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