Njoud Alkharji is an Art studio major with a minor in ceramics. She is from Saudi Arabia. After graduating in 2018 she plans to go to her home country, Saudi Arabia to learn more about the arts. Her hobbies include cooking, painting, drawing and taking photos.

Hussah Almalik is an English major.

Khailynn Baker is a Graphic Design major with a minor in Writing.

Angela Bunker is a History major with a minor in Creative Writing. After graduation, she wants to work as a freelance photographer, or open her own photography studio. Her interests are spending time with her pets, writing, and watching documentaries.

Joanna Chenaille is a senior Interior Design major. After graduation, she hopes to be employed and enjoying life without having homework due. Her hobbies include writing letters, petting dogs, and watching movies.

Diana (Betsy) Lizotte is a Writing Major who hopes to be able to show and not tell, someday. Although she has been published in the Marymount Banner and the Army’s Logistics Magazine, she would like to broaden her repertoire to include novels and literary pieces that somehow help to liberate the oppressed. A retired military officer, she now enjoys studying, nature walks, and hanging out with her one husband, two kids and three miniature dachshunds, often at the same time.

Mark (Joey) Robbins is an English major.

Julia Torrico is an Information Technology major with a specialty in Cybersecurity & Networking, and her minors are English and Philosophy. Also, she is considering double majoring in English with a focus in Literature & Languages. She spends her free time reading, watching anime and TV shows, playing video games, and she makes time to spend with her family.


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