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Mobile App Development Student Interest Group (MAD-SIG) is a group for students who are involved, interested, and eager to learn about mobile app development. We welcome people from all different kind of skill level and knowledge. We are a small group consisted of freshman all the way to seniors. MAD-SIG is a learning base environment where you will learn all the tools, tricks and trade to build an app.

Currently were working on our first app Road-Map. The idea is to create an app that will make life easier at Marymount University. A RoadMap that will help students schedule an open study area at the library, figure out what’s for lunch at the cafeteria, and possible know where the shuttle will depart and arrive (real-time). We will be building the app for Android and hope to do the same for Apple iOS.

It is not to late to join, we can use your knowledge or pass some down to you.

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