Lujain's Second Internship

Content Creating, Writing, Translating and much more!

I created a Whiteboard!


I am very greatful that I had the chance to work on the task of creating an audible whiteboard that will be shared with the Saudi students.

I was so thrilled I started working on it right away. I then had my spring break and I was out of town with my family. When I got back home I was chocked that everything was closed because of the COVID 19 including my internship site. SO I was struggling a bit in completing my whiteboard task as I was supposed to add my voiceover to the whiteboard and I did not know how to it right. However, I sent my first draft of the whiteboard to my internship supervisor and she told me that she would look at it and let me know what to develop and edit.

at the moment, I am working on the script that I will record to add to my whiteboard.





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