Lujain's Second Internship

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My Second Internship!


Well, my second internship was a surprise to me. I did not plan for it. Actually, I was supposed to take a general elective class and I did enroll for the Art course as a general elective course. However, I preferred to take another internship to take as much advantage as I can instead of taking a general course that is not related to my major or interests. Therefore, I went to the Saudi Cultural Mission and met with Dr. Aljibreen which is the head of the Saudi Cultural Mission. I showed him my resume and I talked a bit about myself. I was very pleased to have the opportunity to meet with him. He finally told me that they accepted me as an intern at the Saudi Cultural Mission. He asked me about the department I could be part of to achieve my internship goal, I explained to him that as an English, creative writing major I would be successful in the cultural and media department as I would apply what I have learned at school, such as writing, editing, translating, and journalism.

Luckily, I did start work the other day, and I was so excited! I believe that being an intern is a significant part of a student’s educational life. Therefore, I was keen to find an internship that would provide me knowledge, experience, and enjoyment at the same time.


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