Lujain's Second Internship

Content Creating, Writing, Translating and much more!

I created a Whiteboard!


I am very greatful that I had the chance to work on the task of creating an audible whiteboard that will be shared with the Saudi students.

I was so thrilled I started working on it right away. I then had my spring break and I was out of town with my family. When I got back home I was chocked that everything was closed because of the COVID 19 including my internship site. SO I was struggling a bit in completing my whiteboard task as I was supposed to add my voiceover to the whiteboard and I did not know how to it right. However, I sent my first draft of the whiteboard to my internship supervisor and she told me that she would look at it and let me know what to develop and edit.

at the moment, I am working on the script that I will record to add to my whiteboard.





From Web Writing to Content Creation


This week I was asked to move from writing for the SACM website to work on content creation, specifically on powerpoint. Now my task is to create audable powerpoint in both English and Arabic. I will be explaining how the Saudi Students’ Association can have all information and details about they should do during the year of 2020.

It is a new experience and I will definitely gain new skills from it. I am so excited to do it.



It Is Going Well So Far!


This week, I started to work on a different project. I was asked to gather information about global days for 2020, and put one global day in each month of the year. All of that in order to assure the Saudi clubs at the American Universities have enough activities to do during the year.

The Start!


Today I started working on SACM’s website. I was supposed to do research about several topics so it gets included on the website, such as Saudi Vision 2030, Neom World, History of the Saudi SACM, and Mission and Vision of SACM.

My LinkedIn profile


I am trying my best to update my LinkedIn profile and make it very professional, so here is a link of my page on LinkedIn:


My Resume



8135 Quinn Ter Vienna VA 22180

I am an experienced writer/ editor with a background in both long-form and short-form fiction. I am a
podcaster in EnglishSamwich Podcast, a Saudi podcast with an English version that discusses various
books and current social issues in the world. I am a writer, poet, and editor on Marymount University's
literary magazine. Moreover, I am a writer in the Saudi Student Association at Marymount University. I
have been an active volunteer. I am a team leader and a member of the administration and project
management at Us to U.S nonprofit organization in Washington DC. In addition, I am the director of the
Human Resources Department at Saudis in USA non-profit organization, as well as various volunteer

 Translating “Arabic and English”
 Copywriting
 Leadership
 Stress Management
 Public Speaking

 Research
 Creative Writing
 Editing
 Team Management


Intern: Content Creator, Reporter, and Writer /Saudi Arabian
Cultural Mission, Fairfax, Virginia.
 Write and create content for the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission website.
 Write reports on the events and activities with both English and Arabic languages.
Content Creator /Oasis System, Saudi Arabia.
 Work with the marketing and public relations teams to create appropriate content that helps in
developing the company.
 Edit and proofread content as needed.



Intern: Writer, Reporter / Asharq Al-Awsat Arabic
International Newspaper “Saudi Research and Marketing
Group”, Washington DC.
 Write reports in both English and Arabic.

General Circulation Assistant for Library & Learning
Services/ Marymount University, The United States.
 Work with a number of online services such as: Alma, MU Library Search, Canvas, the Google Suite
(Docs, Calendar, Sheets, Forms, etc.), and Box.
 The ability to shelve and locate materials using the Library of Congress and Dewey Decimal
classification systems.
 Process resource sharing and physical item requests. Students will pull items from the
stacks, process them through the library’s Integrated Library System (ILS), and process
returns of these items.
 Carry out patron transactions for physical items, assisting in catalog title lookups, directing patrons
on where to locate materials within the library, and other customer service oriented responsibilities.
 Assist supervisors by fielding phone calls to the Circulation Desk, scanning and
photocopying, gathering statistics, and data entry.
 Other Circulation responsibilities including, but not limited to, desensitizing and re-
sensitizing books, transporting library materials between main campus and the Ballston
Coakley Library Extension, assisting supervisors in ongoing projects, data collection and
entry, assisting in the opening and closing of the library, and providing patrons with
exemplary customer service.
APRIL 2019 – AUGUST 2019
Freelance Copywriter / King Abdullah Economic City, Saudi
 Write a clear, attractive copy with a distinct voice in both English and Arabic.
 Interpret copywriting briefs to understand project requirements.
 Edit and proofread copy as needed.
Literary Editor / Blueink, Marymount University’s Literary Arts
 Evaluate and score student submissions for magazine publication.
 Collaborate with team members on the final selection of work according to clarity,
originality, and reader interest.

 Edit literary pieces to meet space requirements and improve readability for the
 Communicate with authors on their work in regard to suggested edits.

MAY 2020
Bachelor of Arts in English / Marymount University, Arlington,

 Us to U.S. Non-profit Organization, U.S. 2017
 Saudi Student Association Club at Marymount University 2018
 A writer on the Literary Magazine in Marymount University 2017-2018
 An editor on the Literary Magazine in Marymount University 2017-2018
 A volunteer in The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society 2017
 Human Resources Director in Saudis in USA non-profit organization 2017-2018
 Content Writer for the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission 2019
 Event Organizer for the About Her Global Forum, which was held in George Washington
University 2019
 Content Creator in Fasilah non-profit organization 2018
 A volunteer in the National Council on U.S. Arab Relations 2019

First Day of Work!


First day was interesting as I joined the team meeting. We discuss the goals of the department for this year, and went through various things related to the department.

I was assigned to work on SACM’s website and improve its content in both English and Arabic. and that is called “Content Creating” which I have a very good experience in as I have been volunteering pretty much in this field since it is very related to my study.

Indeed, I am thrilled to working at this company and I am hoping to gain experience out of it.



My Goals and Objectives


My goals and objectives from this internship are to enhance my skills, not only my writing skills, but also the other significant skills that every student and employee has to have in order to be successful, such as stress management, time management, leadership, and teamwork.

I chose my second internship to be at the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission because I have always wanted to support students and help in improving the work process. And simultaneously being an intern at the mission will give me the experience and will definitely enhance my networking skills.

From this experience, I hope to gain various skills, such as making connections, taking constructive criticism well, and being independent. Moreover, I would like to apply what I have learned in school so I gain better grasping of them.

Moreover, this internship does fit with my next step after graduation as I am planning to complete my MA in English and Writing, and I am a writer at the mission.

My Second Internship!


Well, my second internship was a surprise to me. I did not plan for it. Actually, I was supposed to take a general elective class and I did enroll for the Art course as a general elective course. However, I preferred to take another internship to take as much advantage as I can instead of taking a general course that is not related to my major or interests. Therefore, I went to the Saudi Cultural Mission and met with Dr. Aljibreen which is the head of the Saudi Cultural Mission. I showed him my resume and I talked a bit about myself. I was very pleased to have the opportunity to meet with him. He finally told me that they accepted me as an intern at the Saudi Cultural Mission. He asked me about the department I could be part of to achieve my internship goal, I explained to him that as an English, creative writing major I would be successful in the cultural and media department as I would apply what I have learned at school, such as writing, editing, translating, and journalism.

Luckily, I did start work the other day, and I was so excited! I believe that being an intern is a significant part of a student’s educational life. Therefore, I was keen to find an internship that would provide me knowledge, experience, and enjoyment at the same time.