Maggie Michael (USA)

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Sadik Incesu (Turkey)

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Suguru Hiraide (Japan)

Suguru Hiraide was born in Nagano prefecture, Japan, in 1969. After he graduated from high school, he moved to Tokyo in 1988. He came to the U.S. to attend college in 1992. He received his BFA in Sculpture… Read More

Jeannette Gaussi (Germany/Afghanistan)

Jeanno Gaussi was born in Kabul, Afghanistan I left my origin country by the age of six years; I grew up in Delhi and Berlin. By growing up in different culture areas I had to confront myself with… Read More

Abrie Fourie (South Africa)

Abrie Fourie is an internationally established artist working in the medium of still and moving photography, as well as artists’ publications in print and on CD-ROM. Based in Pretoria, Fourie has exhibited both locally and internationally. His work… Read More

Sherman Fleming (USA)

Sherman Fleming has investigated the body gesture in a series of performances entitled “States of Suspense.” The performances utilize childhood games, ritual, and dance actions as derived from African and Black Atlantic traditions. The body gestures, albeit uniquely… Read More

Billy Colbert (USA)

Billy Colbert was born in Baltimore in 1970. His work can be described as visual folklore. He is intrigued by the lost art of story telling and its listening audience. As a result, Colbert tries to captivate the… Read More

Y. David Chung (USA/Germany/Korea)

Born in Bonn, Germany, and educated in the United States, Y. David Chung is a visual artist known for his multi-media installations, paintings, drawings, prints, and public artworks. He began his career as an animator and filmmaker-experiences that… Read More

Neno Belchev (Bulgaria)

Neno Belchev was born in 1971 in Varna, Bulgaria and he graduated with a MFA degree in Mural Painting from the National Academy for Fine Arts in Sofia in 1997.   He works as a freelance multidisciplinary artist as… Read More


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