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The Legacy of Hayao Miyazaki

Creation Process

Drawing the character

Almost all of Studio Ghibli’s animation techniques is very traditional. This being said, all of their frames are hand drawn before being put together to create movement. This process is both repetitive and extremely laborious but Hayao Miyazaki believes that hand drawing is the fundamental of animation.
Nowadays, CGI has become a popular medium for animators to use. While Miyazaki prefers to stay away form this, he allows only small additions of CGI to his art. This assists animators with complicated scenes and speeds up the process.

The Process

  1. Everything Begins With an Idea
  2. From script to screen, the idea is developed into a story.
  3. Then, characters and costumes are designed and created. In doing so, also creates the atmosphere and settings the film is
    The process

    featured in.

  4. The story is then turned into a storyboard and is used to illustrate the key frames to produce movements.
  5. After the scenes are drawn out, color is added and painted. Note: the backgrounds and characters are drawn separately.
  6. The characters are placed onto the background, which creates a frame. Each frame is shot individually.
  7. Dialogue & audio is added and then the director ensures that everything syncs together naturally.
  8. After the film is developed, it is ready to debut!

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