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Month of February & Posting Schedule

February 26th, 2021 · No Comments · Internship posts

Happy Friday everyone!

It is now the end of February it’s time to recap what I’ve been working on at 826dc where I am interning. Before we get to that, from here on out I’ll be posting a weekly update on Fridays where I discuss the ongoing projects that I’m working on at 826dc.

With that being said, it’s been a whirlwind of month! I can’t overstate how much I’m enjoying my internship opportunity at 826dc. I work with some wonderful people who genuinely care about language arts education and developing creativity in the youth of DC. The very first thing I did when I started at 826dc, even before orientation, was attend the weekly staff wellness meeting called ‘We’re gunna be okay’. These meetings are held every Monday morning where everyone comes together and shares something nice about their weekend and something they’re looking forward to for the week. Someone also volunteers to share a reading which is usually a piece of poetry or interesting / creative tid-bit. I introduced myself and was welcomed so warmly. It really was a great start to my first week at the new internship and I’ll be honest, I was pretty nervous!

From there, I hit the ground running. I completed all of my on-boarding and orientation tasks and met with my manager one-on-one for the first time. My manager is so supportive and down-to-Earth although I wasn’t too surprised given the great impressions from others that I had already met at 826dc from the weekly Monday meeting. My first workshop was with first grade class who were working on writing their own story. We learned about what characters are as well as the parts of a story like the beginning, the middle and the end. They wrote a story entitled ‘The Alien and the Spaceship’ which was about an astronaut puppy and his unicorn friend. It was a lot of fun and my manager gave me the lead to finish up the project for the kids. I got in contact with 826dc’s illustrator who makes art for the children’s books and I made a template for their story on The project should finish up around the beginning of March and I’ll definitely post an update on that once it’s completed. We have also been working with an after-school journalism class with a group of middle-schoolers. Throughout February we’ve been learning about photojournalism. We’ve looked at the different aspects of what makes a powerful photo and how to write impactful and informative captions. My manager has given my fellow intern and I the lead for the March programming so we’ve been working together on workshops which has been a great experience so far. Our first session for the new section is Wednesday, March 3rd and I’m really excited to put our activities into action. March will be all about journalistic storytelling and we’ll be preparing the students to effectively interview their friends or family members. Keep an eye on my blog to hear more about this program as I’m doing a lot of research and programming which I’ll be sharing weekly.

The third project I’m involved in is called the young author’s book project (YABP) although I started my internship at the tail end of this workshop so I was only able to catch one meeting. I believe it should be starting up again soon though so I’ll provide more insight once we start working on it again. There are plans in motion to work with two different high-school classes so again, once I get my marching orders for those projects I’ll be able to write more about the activities.

In closing, I will say that I am grateful for this opportunity with 826dc. I’ve been doing a lot of reading, researching and work-shopping. It is so great to able to work with students of varying ages and personalities even though we’re entirely virtual. I believe that any amount of time you can spend with a young person, even if you’re just having a conversation, has a massive impact on their self-esteem. We focus a lot on Social Emotional learning at 826dc and I plan to do a separate write-up on what this means and how it effects students and their abilities. I’m really excited for the month of March now that I’ve settled into the mode at 826dc. We are doing great things for the youth of D.C. that we’re fortunate enough to work with.


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