Three key points I thought about the video

  1. Title does not define form it defines content and virtually all elements in a document describe content, not the form.
  2. Every second new blogs/websites are created, there are millions of users on the web creating new things to add to the internet every day.
  3. People are the web and they are teaching the machines to become better at what they do. People add information, data, and code everyday to help improve the machines but, in retrospect we are the machines because we created them.

Terms and Definitions

The Internet- A global network that everyone has access too that provides information and communication services.
World Wide- an information system that connects all of the internets documents to each other.
Web Browser- is a software application that allows you to access the world wide web.
Open Source Software- is software thats design gives the public access to change and modify. 
MySQL- is an open source database system that is related to online publishing.
PHP- also known as hypertext preprocessor, its for producing dynamic web pages.
WordPress- a free open source management system based on PHP and MySQL.