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Hi, my name is Joanna Fitzpatrick. I’m a senior at Marymount University, majoring in English Writing and will be graduating this May, Spring 2021. I’ve always had a deep love for reading and writing. It has always been something that comes naturally to me so I knew once I got accepted into Marymount that the English route would be the most fitting for me.  Outside of school I have been working for Fairfax County at an agency called Neighborhood and Community Services (NCS), where I work with an afterschool program helping facilitate engaging and valuable programs and events for our youth and teens. I also work with our senior population creating productive and rewarding programs for our senior participants. I have been working with the county for almost 6 years now have found a real love for it. I plan to continue down this path after I graduate and apply for a fulltime, merit position within the Fairfax County Government. I decided to do my internship with the Board of Supervisors of Fairfax County, Providence District, because I really admire the work that they do for our community. The job I do now consists of mostly activity facilitation so this internship will give me an idea of the other side of the job and the things that go into creating and planning the programs we run and learn the best ways in building the community engagement. This internship will give me great experience with social media marketing, which has become something that is noticeably big within many different fields and can be a great resource to learn more about and the strategic ways that it can be used. I’ll also come out having learned new skills in terms of communications and public relations while getting an all-around better idea of what the workforce will look like and the types of skills I need to have when I move up within my agency/county. My main motive is to get industry exposure and practical knowledge of the field which in the end will give me better insight into whether this field is a good fit for me. Aside from all this, I will also be making great connections that will be beneficial for my future, along with improving my communication and problem-solving skills. I’m greatly looking forward to what’s to come and all the skills and knowledge I will learn while internship for the Board of Supervisors of Fairfax County.