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Week #12: April 12th-16th


This week for my internship I did a lot of work for the newsletter that was sent out on Friday. We had a lot of information about events coming up in the community soon, especially having to do with the vaccine. I also worked on a collage for all the staff who works in Supervisor Palchik’s office. I put together all the photos into a collage and added captions for each one saying why each individual person got vaccinated. I posted It on social media for people who are skeptical of getting their vaccine can see why others are choosing to get it. I also worked on promoting different programs in the county and sent out reminders about new regulations that were getting put into place this upcoming week in Fairfax County. This was my last week working with this internship for school credit.  I learned a lot from this experience, and I definitely feel more confident going out into the workforce. I learned how it interact with coworkers better as well as learned a lot of about different software’s and databases that I hadn’t used before. I learned a lot about social media, and how to use social media the right way to increase engagement as well as learned what to look out for to see what information is more in demand. I’m grateful for this experience and the connections that I have made and will definitely be utilizing the skills and the new platforms I learned later on in my future career.

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