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Week 11: April 5th- 9th


This week for my internship I worked on the Providence Spotlight that have on Dalia’s website. For this I’m given information about a person who lives in the providence district that has contributed to the Providence District community in many ways.  With this information I do a small write up, about 2-3 paragraphs giving the audience a short biography of the person and then listing the many things that they have done to help their community. I usually will add this spotlight into the website about a week after writing it and then I will add the finished write up and post it on Dalia’s Facebook.  After working on this I did a lot more posting on social media. The release of Solarize NOVA was getting ready to be launched last week so mostly posted about this program and promoted the informational events that will be taking place within the next few weeks so Fairfax County residents can learn about the benefits of solarizing their homes. I worked a bit on the newsletter that will be getting sent out next week. The focus of the newsletter is COVID-19 and the new update for Fairfax County employees being able to get the vaccine. Most of our newsletters while I was working on my internship have been focused around the covid-19. It has been really interesting to see the way people engage with this content and just how much they rely on this as a source of information for them to follow.

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