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Week 9: March 22nd- 26th


This week for my internship I worked on making some graphics for things happening in the upcoming few weeks, for example, National Autism Awareness Month. I also sent out a mini newsletter with important information about COVID-19 and the new groups that have been added in the phase of vaccinations. I did a lot of social media posting about the new groups that were added in as well to reach a different population than our newsletters reach. I also worked a bit on the website and added in new information for our Providence Spotlight section on the website, as well as added in our last two newsletters to the main page of the website. Working on the website has been interesting because although it really is just plug and play, there are still some things that I need to become adjusted to and learn. I would say its one of the harder things that I have had to work on so far throughout this internship because I don’t have too much background doing things like that. It had been a nice challenge and I feel I have learned a good bit, especially how things are set up and laid out on websites.

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