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Week 8: March 15th-19th


This week for my internship I did a ton of social media posts. I did some posts about events that are happening in Fairfax county this week as well as sharing posts from the Fairfax County Government pages. I mostly focused on the expansion of eligibility that Fairfax county released this week in terms of the COVID-19 vaccine. I would say a majority of the work I do right now focusses directly on the COVID-19 vaccine and the many updates that the Board of Supervisors get daily. I have learned a lot about the best way to publicize this information so that it reaches the groups that most need it as well reaches high engagement. I also did a few write ups about individuals in Fairfax county who have been named for the Virginia 40 under 40. We had a few women that won, and I wrote up a small congratulations post for all of them, listing their accomplishments. I also participated in some meetings, discussing the events that are to come in the near future and the best ways to plan for them. I worked a bit on acquainting myself with the website some more so I can start adding in people to our spotlight section as well as adding in the weekly newsletters that we send out so other people in Fairfax county can have access to them as well. Lastly I gathered information to put into our newsletter for next week, making sure that we are adding in the most important and time sensitive information and making it easier for next week when its time to draft the newsletter.

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