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Week 7: March 8th-12th


This week for my internship I did a lot of work on graphics and flyers that would be going out to promote various events that are taking place throughout Fairfax county. I was posting these events and graphics on Dalia Palchik’s social media accounts, twitter and Facebook. Majority of these events are COVID-19 related. Doing this internship for the Board of Supervisors during this time of COVID-19 has been really interesting because I’m witnessing firsthand just how much people rely on social media for their news and important information. Managing these accounts, I really get to see what things/information are in higher demand- that people are really looking for. It’s also been interesting seeing how people engage with your posts and how some posts get a ton of engagement whereas others get very little. It really helps you understand what types of things your community or audience is looking for. I also spent a good amount of time writing up profiles for people we plan to highlight on the website as well as Dalia’s social media accounts. I had to do some research on our individual we were highlighting for this week and then I wrote up a small biography about her. It is cool to see the many things that people do for the community and how they went about getting started and where they are now. So far, I feel like I’ve learned a lot from this internship, especially how to use social media “the right way” in terms of promoting valuable information and learning about events that are taking place in our community.

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