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Week 6: March 1st-5th


This week for my internship I worked mostly on the newsletter. I had to do a lot of research on the COVID-19 vaccine, finding out what new information there is, and what the numbers are looking like in terms of people vaccinated in Fairfax County, how many have appointments and are still waiting, as well as what the COVID-19 daily case number of infected people are. I looked up a lot about the Johnson and Johnson vaccine and learned a lot more about it and what the differences are in terms of this vaccination and the others that have already been administered. I also researched and wrote about the new service that Fairfax County is providing for free for those who have COVID-19 vaccine appointments and don’t have transportation. I also started looking up some historical females that I could begin writing up drafts to post on social media in celebration of National Women’s History Month. I was also sent a list of the many different important days throughout the month of March that I will want to keep an eye out for and post about on social media as March goes by. For instance, World Down Syndrome day that occurs later on in the month of March, I began doing some research and gathering ideas about what I could write and post about on that day. I feel like I’ve really learned a lot of valuable skills so far doing this internship, and I’ve gotten pretty comfortable with the platforms that we use like Constant Contact for our newsletters.

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