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Week 5: February 22nd-26th


This week for my internship I did some more of posting on social media. I posted about many events that are taking place within Fairfax County these next few upcoming weeks as well as promoting various different programs that are offering assistance to Fairfax County Residents due to the impacts that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on individuals and families. While doing these social media posts I learned how to create an event on Facebook (something I’ve never had to do but have seen firsthand how helpful it is) and was able to see how others interact and engage with the posts. I’ve also done a lot more sharing information via twitter this week than I had in the prior week, also getting a feel so how to adjust certain language/posts to fit the character limit twitter has. I had a few virtual meetings with the Board of Supervisors- Providence District Staff to discuss how to handle up coming events and what part I would be assisting them in, like a virtual budget town hall that will be hosted by the Supervisor I am currently working for. I also met with the same staff about ways to improve the current website they are using and what things they plan to add/ how to create a more community-like feel. We went over the information that I learned from the trainings I took regarding the website and broke down how I would go about adding in information to certain sections.

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