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Week 4: February 15th-Feb19th


This week has been very hectic. I did a lot of posting on social media, Facebook, and twitter, about the many different events Fairfax County is having to inform the community about Covid-19, trying to quell the many worries that so many people have in terms of getting the vaccine. I have made some graphics to go along with those posts as well. I also did a lot of research about events happening for black history month and created posts about what they are and how the community can register for them. The newsletter, Palchik Post, went out again this week (it goes out bi-weekly) so this week was mostly geared toward getting that ready to be sent out on Friday the 19th.I did a lot of writing for the newsletter this go around and helped with researching about Luther Jackson High School, which was the first African American high school in Fairfax County.  I wrote a bit about the history of this school and how it ties into black history month. I added in many flyers and linked them to registration pages so that people receiving these newsletters can easily access the information that is being given. Lastly, I also finished up doing some Website trainings through employee-U so that I can have access to helping work and revamp, Supervisor Dalia Palchik’s website. There was a lot of information to retain while watching the videos that showed how to add things to the website and make adjustments. Overall, I would say that this was my most hands-on week, and I dedicated a good amount of time posting on Dalia’s social media platforms and working on the newsletter. By doing this, I learned a lot more about Covid-19, the vaccine, and the hopeful things to come in the future with the recent vaccinations.

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