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Week 4: February 15th-Feb19th


This week has been very hectic. I did a lot of posting on social media, Facebook, and twitter, about the many different events Fairfax County is having to inform the community about Covid-19, trying to quell the many worries that so many people have in terms of getting the vaccine. I have made some graphics […]

Week 3: February 8th-12th


This week for my internship I worked primarily on posting more about events happening within the community. I did a lot of posting about the updated information regarding the Covid-19 vaccine and helping get important information out to our senior population. I helped with making some graphics pertaining to Covid as well as making graphics […]

Week 2: February 1st- 5th


This week I did a lot more social media work for Dalia Palchik on both Twitter and Facebook. I looked through many pages that Fairfax County follows and re-posted things that are going on in our community to raise awareness and to inform the community. I also posted many flyers and typed up many posts […]