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Week 1: January 26th-30th


WEEK 1: January 26th- January 30th. 

I had my first week at my internship this week and overall it went really well. I got a tour of the office will occasionally be working in. I was shown some of the tasks that I will be working on in office and remotely and also got a better idea of what my weekly tasks will be. I have been working about 1-2 hours a day, but going forward it will consistently be 2 hours everyday, Monday- Friday. So far I have done a few admin tasks, as well as helping with Supervisor Dalia Palchik’s social media accounts and posting on her Facebook and Twitter. The posts I have been making are all informative for the community, letting them know about events that will be taking place within Fairfax County and different scholarship opportunities that are being put out for graduating seniors. college-bound students. Prior to this internship, I was never very active on social media aside from posting pictures on my Instagram with friends. I’m really beginning to see the benefit of using social media as a way to really engage with the community and get your word out. I also have learned a lot about how interaction on these social media platforms work and the best ways to reach the following you want.

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