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April, 2015:

Film vs. Novel

Warms Bodies, the film and the novel, are two different works and should be perceived as that. They draw many differences for many different reasons. When looking at film, they have a time constraint in which they must follow. They cannot include every aspect of the novel into the film but they can try their best to include what is most important.  When attempting to find what is important to include in the film, they lose a sense of what is important to the reader.

One thing they left out when looking at the film, was the importance of the Boneys and how they rule over the zombies. In the film, the zombies look at the Boney’s and ignore them as they look for their own food to feast on. In the novel, they would build things for the Boney’s and perform rituals with them. In the film, they do not associate themselves with the Boney’s and are a separated group when addressing them. When the zombies start to recover, the Boney’s scare them out but do not exactly kick them out.

Another key part of the novel that they left out of the film was the marriage of R to the zombie women. With the Boney’s not having a major role in the movie, they do not talk about how they construct the marriages and force it upon the zombies. They also left out the fact that he had children in which he took care of. They substituted the fact that he has children with these two zombie kids who happen to appear in scenes they were included in the novel.  An example would be when Julie and him are in the car riding around. We see the two zombie children watching from a distance when in the novel they would be in the backseat trying to bite Julie. The significance of these scenes shows the structure of zombie life but with taking it out, they make R look they have no connection to living anymore. In the novel, the significance of him being married with children shows that they still had human qualities even though they were no longer living.

Looking at both of the scenes, they were important pieces in the novel. Warm Bodies the film does not seem to need any of the scenes they took out because it is an entire different work. They change who Z is in which he appears younger. So if he was married and a father, it would look unusual because he is perceived to be young instead of a business man. Since they cut out the importance of the Boney’s, it fits better for the ending of the movie when Julie’s father survives. The Boney’s do not seem as powerful as they do in the novel. Both scenes they take out are logical for the movie they wanted to produce. It ended up working out for the best in the end.


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