About the Group

“The humanities—including the study of languages, literature, history, jurisprudence, philosophy, comparative religion, ethics, and the arts—are disciplines of memory and imagination, telling us where we have been and helping us envision where we are going.”

The Heart of the Matter (Report of the American Academy of Arts & Science’s Commission on the Humanities and Social Sciences to the U. S. Congress in June 2013)

This group was formed by students and faculty at Marymount University in Spring 2020 to stimulate and strengthen the work of the humanities on campus. All are welcome to join! Each month, we will host a gathering (with food–like the humanities, food feeds community) and hear from one or more students or faculty about a topic of interest to the group. Before each gathering, we will generate a poll on this site that will help us determine the next month’s topic. Contact Macy Pope (macy.pope@marymount.edu) or Dr. Howe (thowe@marymount.edu) for more information!

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