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Originally published on May 30, 2017

Published on DAH Blog 

Every week at 6:45, the Dar Al Hijrah youth department hosts an event called Fast and Learn. Young adults and teens come and take in the gems and knowledge that the many speakers endow. This past Fast and Learn was a little different as it was an event for the whole community, a welcome to Ramadan. The night was jam-packed with Qur’an recitation, speakers, poetry, Nasheeds, and skits. The emcee for the evening was Sr. Ieasha Prime, our youth and programs coordinator.

The night began out with a Qur’an recitation by one of the rising souls mentee; Muaz. His voice transformed the room and his words reminded us of what was only a day and a half away; the holy month of Ramadan. Followed by a poem by Amel; her poetry reminded us of the oneness of Allah, and the love we should all have for him. Sr. Nabeela was up next, reminding us that this month is a month of kindness and compassion; the month of our Prophet (SAW).

The night continued with Nasheeds from Qari Hamid Malikzay, who lifted our spirits with his powerful and melodic voice and Hanan Seid, who also reminded us of the privilege we have of being able to break our fasts with food. The Rising souls furthered the night with skits about peer pressure, the after-effects of the Shaytan and how to overcome it. The last speaker was Abdullah Baig, a mentor, and activist who spoke on practical ways to maximize our outcome from Ramadan, giving the community guidelines to follow.

To end the night, DAH’s youth department introduced a new project: 30 deeds in 30 days challenge. Jars filled with daily good deeds to be performed throughout Ramadan, in order to optimize Ramadan to the fullest extent. The program was an amazing way to reflect and get our hearts ready for the Ramadan.

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