Meaning of being a Human

I have always been curious to know about what it means to be a human. Since I have been to USA and after my Studies at the Marymount University, my perspective on being a human has been broadened. Before my time in USA, I had not come in much contact with many people from different cultures and my view on being a human was just revolving around my own needs. But being a part of multicultural environment has let me understand that being a human has many perspectives like the perspectives of moral judgement, human peripheral factors, and historical understanding (Coursebb2016). Being a human means to be caring and conscious of the wishes, needs and requirements of others. I have realized that I have to become a better human by understanding the morals and ethics of the different societies of the world and learning to respect them. Kant has said that end justifies the means. But I think that to be a human does not necessarily mean achieving your goals irrespective of what are the means that you employ. Instead, you may sometimes need to let go of your goals and positions just to be in good terms with the fellow humans and care for the collective goals. 


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