All of the Main Characters in Great Expectations are Jerks, Except for Joe, Biddy, and Herbert


Pip is the main character of the book. The main point of the book is about what a jerk Pip has been. One point for Pip is that he realizes that he has been a jerk at the end of the book, and sometimes throughout the story.
In the first part of the book, Pip steals a file from Joe to help Magwitch instead of reporting him to the police. I don’t blame Pip for this, as he was terrified of magwitch, and possibly he felt some sympathy for him. Pip shows little respect for Joe as he thinks of him as an equal instead of an elder. This shows some arrogance on Pips part, even at a young age. Possibly this is because both of them are being abused by his sister. He should at least respect that sometimes Joe takes the abuse so that Pip won’t.
Upon visiting miss Havisham’s house, Pip decides that he wants to live like the upper crust do, even though he can see that they are miserable. Pip immediately falls in love with Estella, who treats him very badly. Her treatment of him is likely where he decides that he doesn’t want to just be a blacksmith.
Joe is at this time, probably the only person in the book that is nice to Pip up to this point. But Pip deserts him for the opportunity of higher education. This is not so bad in itself, but Pip is embarrassed by him and looks down on him while doing so.
When Pip finds out that Magwitch is the one that is financing his education, he is horrified that it is not Miss Havisham, as he first thought. Magwitch is rewarding him because he is the only person that has ever done anything kind for Magwitch, while Miss Havisham only wants to break his heart. He really should have preffered Magwitch.
Estella eventually does break Pip’s heart, even though she warned him that she would, earlier in the book. Pip should have taken the opportunity to be with Biddy when he had the chance. But he felt that she was beneath him at the time.
I think that if we weren’t inside of Pip’s head during the story, he would be one of the most boring characters in the book.
These are the main reasons that I think pip is a jerk. But he does a good job at redeeming himself towards the end. In many ways, he is like any of the characters in the Seinfeld sitcom. He is a self centered jerk, but I find him very relatable. All of us have our flaws, and most of us will make decisions that will be more beneficial to ourselves, before considering others. This is at least very common for a young man, and almost guaranteed for a child. I can give him credit for realizing this as it was happening, instead of trying to justify his actions, or blame those around him. In the end, he became wiser, and mostly avoided a life of regret, which to me, is a realistic, if not, happy ending. Many would disagree with me on this. He is a likeable jerk.