All of the Main Characters in Great Expectations are Jerks, Except for Joe, Biddy, and Herbert


Orlick was a jerk because he was a murderer, a sexual harasser towards Biddy, and wanted to kill Pip at a time that he should have put everything behind him. I dislike him enough to leave him without a cartoon illustration.
Orlick was a person that wanted everything to be given to him without earning it. I would go on to explain that this does not happen in real life, except that it is exactly what happened for Pip. So basically, it was a case of severe jealousy.
Killing mrs Joe did not create a situation that would be an advantage to Orlick, so he is a jerk, and he is stupid. He made advances toward Biddy that were so aggressive, that she became afraid of him. The fact that Biddy was attracted to Pip, probably inspired him to take revenge against Pip even more. This was a man with a very narrow horizon. He should have looked around a little bit further, and he would have realized that he had other choices that would have been better for himself. All of us have watched people excel that seem less deserving than ourselves. But Orlick doesn’t really appear to deserve anything. He is a jerk beyond all jerks.