All of the Main Characters in Great Expectations are Jerks, Except for Joe, Biddy, and Herbert

Mrs. Joe Gargery

Mrs. Joe was a jerk because she raised Pip as what she called, “by hand”. She was also married to her husband “by hand”. She was so abusive, that both Joe and Pip were nervous wrecks whenever she was around. Possibly, if she had not been so terrible to Pip, he would have made better decisions than he did in the story.
There was nothing humble about this woman. She complained about how everything was weighing on her shoulders, and that she regretted being such a good person, while acting like a terrible person. It seems to me that abusive people are most often the ones that hate to be alone, and yet, they do everything in their power to make it happen.
When she was finally murdered in the story, I doubt if any readers missed her as a character. She was an abusive jerk.