All of the Main Characters in Great Expectations are Jerks, Except for Joe, Biddy, and Herbert

Miss Havisham

Miss Havisham is a jerk because she wanted to take revenge on all men because one man took her money and left her at the altar. She trapped herself at one point in time, and shut out the entire world with the exception of her adopted daughter Estella. Her first victim was Estella, actually. She raised Estella to be cold and heartless, so that she would break men’s hearts. In the end, Estella broke everyone’s heart, including her own.
Miss Havisham mainly took her revenge against Pip. He was an easy victim because he also, was a jerk. She invited Pip over to play with a Estella when he was just a boy, and encouraged him to fall in love with her, knowing that he would. She led Pip to believe that she was supporting his education, when she was not.
Ultimately, her final victim was herself. Stella, her greatest weapon, turned against her. She ultimately realized that she had wasted her whole life on revenge and bitterness. She was a crazy jerk.