All of the Main Characters in Great Expectations are Jerks, Except for Joe, Biddy, and Herbert


Magwitch is a jerk. It can be argued that he was never given a fair chance in life, and that is why he was a criminal. It can also be argued that he was paying for someone else’s crime because he did not present himself as an elequent gentleman in the courtroom. But it can also be argued that he was smart enough to escape from prison, twice. He was smart enough to terrify a small child into helping him and feeding him during his first escape. Above everything else, he was able to run a successful business, and accumulate a great amount of wealth. He obviously had the ability to avoid his desperate situation of scraping by, half-starved long before he was caught, and sent to prison. Ultimately, he had no one to blame but himself.
When he became rich, instead of being happy with his escape and success, he wanted revenge on those that were born into better circumstances. He did this by turning Pip into a gentleman. This is the most ridiculous, form of revenge that I have ever read in any story. I’m lost as to who would have suffered had Pip become a rich man, with the exception of Joe’s felings, and only a little bit.
To make matters worse, he could have ended up getting Pip sent to prison, and himself sent to the gallows, because he couldn’t leave well enough alone by visiting Pip, and becoming a problem. By doing this, he ruined his original plan. This finally led to his death, and more tragedy for Pip. What a jerk.