Marymount B.L.O.G.S

How is everyone’s spring semester going? I hope everyone is taking some time out of their busy schedules and spending time doing stuff that they enjoy. I say this because I have not done it for myself as of yet. I am stressed to the max, trying to find a new job, finding a place for me to live, writing a plethora of papers week to week, and being stressed out at work. Before you know it midterms will be here and I bet I will be stressed out even more.

One of the many things that I like to do when I am stressed out is exercising. I have not had much time going to the gym because of all of the workload I am having this semester.  I am ready for spring break to come because I am ready to unwind and just be free. I am finally going back home to Georgia to see my mother, sister, family, and friends that I have not seen in about 9 months. I am so excited to go and just spend ten days with them catching up.

Advice I have for everyone this semester is take life day by day. Try to make easier than making it harder. Work smarter not harder!


– Brae

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