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Moment of Truth

February 8, 2015 | Leave a Comment

All right, I’m going to be honest, I’ve been basically doing everything BUT my homework. I do think I’m a little stressed out (even still) from my last post, but I’ve been doing things to cope with my stress (and not doing homework).


-It always seems to me that when you’re about to move or about to leave a place, that is the exact time frame that you find new and cool things to explore. For example, I’ve been in the DC area for about a couple of  years and just not am I exploring DC more! Now is when I feel the need to go up and take the elevator in the Washington Monument! You go up 500 feet in about 1 minute! The view from up there is absolutely stunning!

That’s one of the great things about being at Marymount and so close to the city! Then after, I wen to revisit one of the nicest museums on the national mall: the Archives. There I got to check out the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Now, call me a nerd or whatever, this made me reflect on a lot of the case laws and statutes that we dissected and analyzed in my Advanced Issues in Forensic Psychology class last summer. The documents that were before laid the precedent for everything that is happening today. It’s amazing! I thought it was kind of cute at the museum too that there were little kids (most likely on a field trip) studying the historic documents and taking notes and doing a scavenger hunt. Oh if only graduate school would be that easy again.

Then that same day, my adventure didn’t end there! I was in good company, so we thought we would explore the city down on F street and 12th or 12th? I don’t remember, but somewhere down there. I walked into a couple of fun clothing stores, but then we went to a cigar tavern. Now if you haven’t seen House of Cards, you need to watch that and go to this cigar tavern. All around me were businessmen and women (and maybe even congressmen) all nicely dressed, with shiny cuff links, shined shoes, matching work clothes, brief cases, just hanging out, drinking something strong, and smoking a cigar. I felt like I was surrounded my secrets and stories that would be amazing to hear.

DC really is such a beautiful site, especially when you explore the smallest parts of the city. I encourage everybody to embrace where you live, take a moment from your work or studies, and take a breather. Go into the city and explore. Relate your studies or work to what you see in history, advertisements, art, law, food, drinks, anything and everything. I remember in undergrad in my Discover class as a freshman at Marymount, we had to do a scavenger hunt in DC. Of course then it was the dead heat of the end of summer still, but it was fun. I wish I could go back and enjoy that time again.

Other than that, there’s a Graduate Student Council meeting going on soon! I’m sure other bloggers on here will post some discussion from that meeting. Talk to you all soon! Stay warm! (even though this 50 degree weather does feel nice, when will it plunge back down again?!)

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