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Super Bowl Sorrows

February 3, 2015 | Leave a Comment

The Seahawks disappointed me this weekend and gave the Patriots another Super Bowl under their belts. I know there are many that either hate the Patriots or love them. That last play with seconds left in the game that costs the Seahawks the Super Bowl will forever be talked about. Man I was in shock! How many other though the Seahawks had the game in their pockets?
Because I am not a true fan of either team I sat perfectly content in the comfort of my own home watching the battle between the two teams. Going out has begun to cost too much money lately so I have to cut down, somewhat. Many make food which is why some others love the Super Bowl, the dips, chips, junk food that no one should eat that much of, and now the week after the gyms are packed! That’s how you know people had a fabulous weekend watching a great game of football!
Better luck next year Seahawks!

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